6 Awesome Winter Outfits for your (Boy) Dog

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6 Awesome outfits for your (boy) dog. Dressing your dog for winter is essential in cold climates. But dressing for winter isn't everything, find some adorable outfits that will be perfect for your dog's next photoshoot. #dog #cutedog #cockapoo #dogsclothing #clothingfordogs

Outfits for your dog

Featuring our cockapoo, Riley and his favorite Winter Outfits.

Outfits for your dog: Bomber Jacket by Bond & Co. The perfect outfit for any dog who wants to be cool.

Outfits for your dog? Is that a thing? You bet. Before we had our dog (Riley, the cockapoo) I’d never thought I’d be the kind of person who’d get a kick out of finding perfect outfits for our dog.

Truth be told I might have even been a bit judgmental. Some people seemed to have entire collections for their dogs! That was then. 😉

Well, this former cynic has now become an unapologetic buyer of dog clothes! But then Riley just looks so darn cute in his outfits!

Next confession: I’ve bought quite a few outfits over the last 18 months and Riley seems to like his cloth, too. Posing for picture though is a different story.

The ‘Bomber Jacket’ is a winner even with my husband who … well, let’s say he’s not quite as enthusiastic about my mission to find the cutest dog outfits.


Picks for Favorite Outfits for your Dog (from Petco)

Bond & Co Bowties | Brown Bomber Jacket | Checkered Dog Bandana | One Cool Dude Shirt | Mommy’s Cool Pup | Mommy’s Cool Pup

The entire ‘winter collection’ started when we went to New York City and I stopped by an Unleashed by Petco store and fell in love with this sweater. They didn’t have it in Riley’s size but offered to have it shipped to my house at no extra charge!

The sales clerk helped me to order the outfit through their iPad app right in the store and the sweater arrived a few days later. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. That prompted me to have another look at the Petco site. It turned out they have tons of really cute puppy outfits.

We didn’t get the ‘One Cool Dude Shirtbut one which was quite similar and also has a collar but is no longer available for sale.

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The cuteness factor for this outfit is crazy high. Even if this isn't your style, there are plenty of other outfits for your dog.

Finally, this I got Riley to sit for a Christmas Picture.  This cable knit sweater with a build-in shirt collar might seriously be the cutest thing I have ever put on Riley.

When it comes to outfits for your dog I found that the quality varies, but generally speaking I had good luck with Petco and with Amazon.

Cable knit sweater with shirt collar

Do you have outfits for your dog? What are your favorite outfits for your dog? Where do you like to shop? Leave your answer in the comments below or tag me with a picture of your dog in his or her favorite out on Instagram.
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