German Recipes

A growing collection of some of everyone’s favorite German recipes. This is the place where we celebrate German cuisine all year long.

Classic German comfort food like German Apple Pancakes, to Oma’s cucumber salad, and Vanillekipferl (Almond Crescent Cookies). 

Enjoy exploring these classic German recipes sprinkled with some American love. At times German recipes require specialty items, but we always strive to offer alternatives that can be easily found in American supermarkets.

Did you know that German is the only country in the world that shares a border with nine other countries? As you explore German cuisine you’ll find influences from lots of neighboring countries. From Denmark in the north, Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France in the west, Poland, Czechia in the east, and Austria and Switzerland in the South. Germany’s cuisine is delicious, hearty, and diverse.

Enjoy the culinary journey as we tour some of Germany’s favorite recipes. 

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