7 Awesome Ideas for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

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White Elephant Gift Ideas

This Post: Find amazing White Elephant Gift Ideas that are budget-friendly and that people will actually like! Bonus: Explanation of the White Elephant Gift Exchange rules.  

What’s a White Elephant Gift Exchange anyway?

If you are unfamiliar with a White Elephant gift exchange, you are not alone. I first learned about it when my husband tasked me to find a ‘great gift’ for his holiday party a few years ago.

If your office or organization has announced that they’ll be hosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange you’ll need two things:

  • You need to know how the White Elephant Gift Exchange works
  • You’ll need to you’ll need some great White Elephant Gift Ideas

Think of a White Elephant Gift Exchange a Secret Santa Gift exchange with a spin. (If you need help organizing, check out How to Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange). Unlike a traditional Secret Santa Gift Exchange, you won’t know who will end up with your gift. That’ right, let me quickly explain the rules.

White Elephant Gift Exchange ‘Rules’

While the rules vary from office to office and group to group here are some typical rules for a White Elephant gift exchange.

  1. There’ll be a budget
  2. Each participant contributes one wrapped gift.

The Game

  1. On the day of the party/gift exchange, all gifts are piled on a table.
  2. Every player will draw a random number from a bowl.
  3. The player who drew #1 starts the game by picking out one gift from the pile of White Elephant gifts and unwraps it for all players to see.
  4. The next player can either take a wrapped gift from the gift pile or ‘steal’ the gift of the first player.
  5. As the game progresses, each player can either steal a gift or unwrap a gift.
  6. Once everybody had a turn the players whose gifts were stolen either get to steal a gift themselves or open a package from the remaining pile.

Lastly, gifts can only be stolen a set number of times (typically 1-3 times). The game ends when all gifts have been unwrapped. In the end, it’s a fun twist on a classic Secret Santa Gift Exchange

More Gift Giving Ideas

The Bluetooth Beanie

This beanie combines functionality and style (dare I say it’s creative and practical). This is not your average beanie. This Bluetooth beanie has a built-in microphone that allows you to listen to music and even answer calls. And it keeps you nice and cozy on cold days.

Lunch Bag

A Lunch Bag is a great gender-neutral gift. This lunch bag is dual-insulated and has several compartments so you can easily store both hot and cold food and drinks. And it comes in 15 different colors. This is a great gift for anybody who wants to start bringing their own lunches into work.

Godiva Cocoa Powder

There’s something cozy about sipping on hot chocolate on cold winter nights (or mornings). Godiva’s Hot Cocoa is sinfully delicious and I used to love it with a bit of whipped cream on top. But since I have ditched all gluten, this particular treat had to go as well, because Godiva states that none of their products are certified gluten-free. Therefore, if gluten is a concern, chose a gluten-free hot cocoa alternative like Cocoa Powder from Eat Well.

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Designer Mousepad with Wrist Protection

This is a great gift for anybody who spends long hours working at a computer.

Nest Candle

This candle is pure decadence and always on my own Christmas wishlist (hint, hint husband). Nest makes both candles and perfume, and I’ve been a fan of their fragrances. This candle is a pure luxury and will make even large rooms smell incredible for many hours.

Essential Oil Balm

Winter time often means dry hand and dry feet. If you live in a colder climate, you know what it’s dry and tight skin feels like and how important it is to properly moisturize your skin. This balm checks all the boxes. It’s free of harmful preservatives, sulfates, and parabens. It’s made cruelty-free in the USA and helps to hydrate and nourish dry skin.

Rubik’s Cube Key Ring Holder

Did you love playing with a Rubik’s cube as a kid? This keychain comes with a functioning Rubik’s cube. Go puzzle it out

I hope you guys found some inspiration! Have you ever been part of a White Elephant gift exchange?

What was your favorite gift you’ve ever received in a gift exchange? What was the funniest or most outrageous gift? ‘

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