2018 Wall Calendar

YAY. The free 2018 wall calendar is here! Learn how to download, print, and use it.

Hi you guys! I am super excited to share the Creative & Practical free 2018 wall calendar with you. The 2018 free wall calendar is perfect when you want to have a quick glance at what’s going on this year.

The CAP 2018 wall calendar is displays the entire year on page and because the size is 11 x 17 you’ll have room to make notes.

It allows you a great overview of what you have going on this year. I’ve also included major (US) holidays.

The free 2018 wall calendar displays the entire year and makes it easy to mark dates and jot down reminders.

The quote on the top is from one of my favorite poems called ‘Desiderata’ by Max Ehrmann.

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Watch the video + how to print the 2018 FREE calendar

If you have a printer like this one that prints 11 x 17, you can skip the video.

If you don’t have a printer like that I’ll show you a super easy way and inexpensive way to print the free 2018 wall calendar using the Fedex printing service. Seriously, you guys it costs less than a Starbucks Mocca.

You’ll see in the video that you’ll have a few choices regarding quality of the paper. Of course it’s up to you but because the free 2018 wall calendar is supposed to be a 12-month companion for you I’d recommend to opt for one of the higher quality paper.

2018 Wall Calendar
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It also makes a great gift for anybody that might still be lingering on your holiday list or just for post-season ‘just because’ gift.

Download the free 2018 wall calendar here:

Leave your comments below and tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or on Facebook! Finally, I hope you’ll enjoy the CAP 2018 wall calendar and get lots of use out of it. Be sure to check out the 2019 wall calendar, too.


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