Weeknight Dinner

‘Hey, what’s for dinner tonight?’ This can be a tough question even if you don’t follow any special diets. Because all of us are just endlessly busy.

That’s why our dinner recipes are designed to keep things simple. A lot of times we’ll stay under 10 ingredients and under 30 minutes of prep time.

We love using fewer, better ingredients to make delicious dishes. Whenever possible we choose local, organic products.

And dinner recipes don’t require a huge pantry. Discover how you can cook with confidence when you have a few high-quality staples.

We also believe in moderation. While the no-oil roasted salmon is always on our rotation, we slip in recipes like Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Bake.
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Hi, friends. My name is Maike. Nice to meet you. I am the blogger behind the Cheerful Cook. A Comfort Food blog where we celebrate easy German American recipes all year long
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I’m Maike and I love to inspire busy women to cook uncomplicated, delicious dishes with fewer, better ingredients. LEARN MORE… 

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